To grow as a writer, you should take part in some healthy competition

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After completing my first 30-day medium challenge a month ago, the spark inside me that told me to write burst into a flame. I made a lot of changes, including getting a raise for my part-time job which allows me to take on less freelance work to focus more on my writing craft.

Community Helps Writers Grow

I’ve been taking part in some pretty amazing workshops to fan the flames of creativity. Every week, I sign on to one of MindTerra’s writing verandas, which I discovered from Medium writer Toffy Char. …

The liberal tendency to silence Jewish writers cannot be ignored

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Until now, I have kept my opinions on the situation between Israel and Palestine to myself. I’ve spoken about it amongst my circle of support, specifically my Jewish and Middle Eastern friends, to hear their perspectives. Listening to others has shifted my opinion many times, and I still have so much to learn. Above all, the main reason I haven’t published anything on this topic is because I am neither Jewish nor Middle Eastern.

Before I get into the article, I want to make one thing very clear from the start. I do not support the recent actions of Israel…

It’s rooted in colonialism, racism, misogyny, and eugenics

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Trigger Warning: this article contains content about eating disorders, drug abuse, and racism that may not be suitable for all readers. Fearless community, please read with care.

If you weren’t born with a certain type of body, hearing the three letters BMI might stir up some unhappy memories. It certainly does for me.

This article was inspired by a deep dive into the origin of this antiquated “medical” practice. I have Aubrey Gordon to thank, author of the book What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat, the online blog Your Fat Friend, and co-host of the awesome…

A story about time travel to the Antebellum South

Stirrup Branch Plantation, S.C., June 8, 1857 — Tintype from The Library of Congress; Public Domain

Before I get started, I wanted to mention that this amazing post by Medium writer Toffy Char inspired me to get into the habit of writing book reviews for all the books I complete moving forward.

There are some things in history that are so horrific, it’s difficult to even visualize them in our heads. The only way we would truly be able to experience them for what they were would be to time travel. …

Live Through This is one of the best albums ever.

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Content warning: this article talks about sexual assault, suicide, drug use, and childhood trauma.

Chicago, October 21, 1994. Hole finishes their set and comes out for an encore. After the last song, Olympia, screeches to a halt, Courtney Love jumps off the stage into the crowd, which is an expected maneuver for the end of a rock set in the 90s.

Courtney's body is limp and her bodyguards hold on to her to keep her from getting swallowed by the crowd. The idea of bodysurfing is that you surf, meaning the audience members push you along. That’s not happening here.

My 6-month battle getting the insurance I pay for to cover my E.R. bills

Original Illustration by the Author

On the night of November 14th, 2020, I laid on the floor of the shower naked, face down, and immobilized with excruciating pain. As a boxer, I’ve experienced a myriad of muscular and skeletal injuries, but this was a pain unlike any I’ve experienced.

My girlfriend paced back and forth while we waited in vain for the pain to pass so I could move. Every movement brought shocks of agonizing pain. Eventually, we resorted to calling 911. …

Spoiler alert: I didn’t, but it still changed my life.

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The results of my 30-day writing challenge are in! Inspired by the fantastic David Majister , the challenge really… well… challenged me.

Here is his original challenge post and his results post.

After completing the 30 days, I can confidently say that I highly recommend every writer take part in a challenge. I learned valuable information about who I am as a writer, what I like to write about, and what I’m capable of.

First things first, I need to get something out of the way. I did not successfully submit 30 articles to 30 different publications in 30 days…

My Grandma told me about werewolves, magical donkeys, and other strange stories

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When I was young, I would ask my father to tell me my Nonna’s stories again and again. She grew up in the mountains of Casalvieri, a small village in the region of Lazio, Italy. Italian culture has strong ties to Catholocism mixed with Stregheria, or witchcraft. Before the rise of Catholocism, the Italians, like many European people, had roots in pagan beliefs. Folk tales were a way to keep pagan beliefs alive without breaking the rules of the new religion. …

My body and my mind are constantly at war.

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Trigger Warning: this article contains descriptions of sexual assault, trauma, and addicition that may not be suitable for all readers. Fearless community, please read with care.

As a survivor of multiple sexual assaults, recovering from trauma will always be a part of my life. This has never been more apparent to me than right now, three years sober from substance abuse and in the first long-term relationship of my life.

Before this, every romantic experience I’ve had was volatile, unpredictable, and short-lived. Oftentimes, my drug and alcohol abuse was intertwined with the people I dated. …

Liv Pasquarelli

Bookworm, LGBTQ+ feminist, and Rhode Islander. In ED and addiction recovery. Weird History writer for Ranker. Founded a blog on indie beauty —

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